We create a world where new CO₂ emissions are a thing of the past.

Catch CO2 by ASCO

What is CCUS?

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) is a process that involves trapping carbon dioxide at its emission source, converting it into a useful product or storing it permanently to prevent it from entering the atmosphere. This technique serves as a pivotal solution in mitigating climate change by dramatically reducing the amount of CO₂ emissions.


At the source.

Our capturing technologies are used at the point of emission. This prevents CO₂ being released to the atmosphere. This can be done at power stations, industrial plants or other large CO₂ emitters.



Catch and Capture it.

Since decades we drive innovation for our technology to capture carbon dioxide. Key is 
our specially formulated extraction solvent that extracts CO₂ from flue gas. The purification quality meets ISBT specifications (suitable for food & beverage industry)



Cooled, pressurized and liquified.

The captured CO₂ is then cooled, pressurised and liquefied. This makes it easier to transport and store.



Transport captured CO₂.

The liquefied CO₂ is then transported to a storage site. There it is stored permanently in deep underground aquifers or coal seams. Alternatively the CO₂ will be taken to the place of utilisation like beverage industries, greenhouses, e-fuel, cement or plastic prodution and many more.



93% of captured CO₂ will be stored in 2050



7% of captured CO₂ will be used in 2050.


We are here together

It is the future of our children and grandchildren that is at stake and it takes all of us to make the necessary change possible. We need people from all walks of life.